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  • Micro Bit Coin

  • What is Micro Bitcoin?

    Micro Bitcoin is the most user-friendly and scalable payments-focused cryptocurrency in the world. It is being powered by the most scalable and advance Blockchain technology. For the users Micro Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency unlike others, yet with much more advance features and capability to manage digital payments network

  • Who is building the Micro Bitcoin Software?

    The Micro Bitcoin team has a mix of expertise across OTA software, decentralised technology and payment systems. Micro Bitcoin (the team behind Maker MBC) are building the state of art technology and network to support globally payment network. Our community involves individuals with expertise from technical team to marketing team with primary architects and developers to support the project with commitment to make it reach the unbanked.

  • Is your product decentralised?

    Micro Bitcoin is an open protocol and is designed to evolve into a fully decentralised autonomous economy. MBC coins are fully decentralised from the start, as well as other fundamental components

  • What is the difference between Micro Bitcoin and other crypto currencies?

    Micro Bitcoin has been built with expertise to scale and advance technology to support the global payments system with its digital money. The concept of Micro Bitcoin is to create a secure and decentralised cryptocurrency.

  • How does Micro Bitcoin have value?

    Micro Bitcoin has value because people are willing to buy it. If no one is willing to buy Micro Bitcoin, then it will not have any value. Micro Bitcoin’s price increases if demand exceeds supply, and it decreases if supply exceeds demand.

  • How can I get Micro Bitcoin?

    You can buy Micro Bitcoin during the ICO or after the ICO once it is available from an exchange or from an individual. Alternatively, you can try mining Micro Bitcoin to get coins from the block reward.

  • Is there a ICO?

    Yes, there is an ICO of Micro Bitcoin. For further details, see the Token Sale page

  • Will Micro Bitcoin be traded on exchanges?

    Due to its decentralised nature, there’s nothing to prevent any coin holder from transferring MBC coins freely and release it on the secondary market

  • How can I participate in the Micro Bitcoin coin distribution?

    You can participate in the Micro Bitcoin coin distribution using Bitcoin.

  • Is this software opensource?

    Yes, Micro Bitcoin is open source and will be available on Github

  • Is Micro Bitcoin scalable?

    Yes, Micro Bitcoin is been built with an scalable technology using the advance and mathematical algorithm

  • How will users store their Micro Bitcoin ?

    Users can store their coins using wallet provided by Micro Bitcoin or with third-party support Micro Bitcoin.

  • Can anyone use Micro Bitcoin?

    Yes, anyone can use Micro Bitcoin. Furthermore, Please visit our site for more details.

  • What is a blockchain?

    A blockchain is a distributed ledger technology system that forms a chain of blocks and each block permanently stores a copy of all transaction history on the Micro Bitcoin network and cannot be changed by anyone. A new block with the latest transaction information is added to the blockchain. This chain allows the network to verify the number of money accounts have and make it resilient to attacks and centralization attempts.



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